The curator and CRT Operational Team are aware that the structure and approach for CRT2021 may be altered due to the local and global impact of the Worldwide pandemic. There may, for instance, be a stronger emphasis on a digital festival with less emphasis on site. The vision below for potential sites in CRT2021 is based on the 2019 Festival.
We recognise that art offers a powerful tool to address community and environmental issues from the global pandemic and the CRT Festival will adapt accordingly.


1. The Port Douglas Community Hall, which has a large exhibition space in the main hall. This will continue to be utilised as an indoor exhibition space while the grounds of the community hall will accommodate a number of ‘site specific’ sculptures

2. Outdoor ‘site specific’ sculptures will be installed on the Flagstaff Hill Walk and the event will continue to use and expand Rex Smeal Park as an ideal site. The sculptural works in Rex Smeal park and the Flagstaff Hill Walk in Port Douglas had over 3000 viewers and an overwhelmingly positive response. It is envisioned that CRT 2021 will use the same site/s but increase the number of artists/ installations

3. Mossman Shire Hall will be continued to be used as a potential site for installation and performance with the inclusion of children’s workshops.

The children’s installation and performance workshops at the Mossman Shire Hall were a valuable aspect of the CRT 2019. It validated children’s contribution, as young artists, in the overall event. CRT 2021 will employ a lead artist to create an installation and run workshops at MSH.

4. Street based projections and possible new sites that link works within walking distance in Port Douglas.

Projections in the grounds of the Port Douglas Community Hall and in the streets and nearby parks will continue to feature in CRT 2021. Other possible sites include the Sugar Wharf as a half-way point between the hall and Rex Smeal Park.