Thirty local and invited artists created and installed over fifty environmental sculptures, installations and multimedia artworks which responded to current issues impacting on the region. Three Thousand people (as documented by volunteers in the area between 9am-5pm each day) attended the outdoor venue. The sculptures made an immediate ‘Site Specific’ connection with the natural environment.

Just over 1,000 people viewed the indoor works. Volunteers maintained a constant presence to inform visitors and protect the artworks. Images of the artworks are in this CRT website.

‘Colour My Song’ an independently curated local performance event which responded to the artworks. attracted over 1,500 performers and visitors to the nightly events that were held in Rex Smeal Park and the Mossman Hall.


The CRT Opening attracted approximately 500 people with entertainment provided by Colour My Song.

In total, nearly 7,800 people attended CRT – a huge achievement for an inaugural event that harnessed the goodwill and creativity of the community.